airbus helicopter ecommerce website

Context and challenges

As part of its strategy to improve customer satisfaction and keen to give new impetus to the online sale of spare parts, Airbus Helicopters wanted to redesign its global e-commerce platform.

This space no longer addressed the new uses of its 3,000 customers or their requirements in terms of speed of service.


The expertise, versatility and complementarity of the SQLI teams made it possible to address the major constraints in terms of quality and deadlines in under a year, by assisting Airbus Helicopters with all aspects of their digital project: advice, UX, development and integration.

The new portal is based on the Hybris solution and was first launched in Australia, then in France, Germany and Spain and has just been rolled out in the UK, USA, Singapore and finally in Mexico.

To satisfy the needs of its customers as much as possible, the platform has a wealth of information on some 230,000 listed products (technical description, stock, etc.). Moreover, everything is set up to simplify the management of orders as much as possible and make it possible to have real-time monitoring of the status of orders for website customers.


Today, the system fully meets the expectations of the helicopter manufacturer. It fulfils their sales objectives and is seeing the level of customer satisfaction increase thanks to a smooth and quick solution.

As it happens, Airbus Helicopters is seeing an order placed every 7 minutes.

SQLI fulfilled all of its commitments, offering us the high level of expertise and support with e-commerce that we needed. We have therefore been able to calmly move forwards together to deliver the project. I have full confidence in SQLI, who I see as a genuine partner that will continue to assist us with our future projects such as the online sale of Helicopter Kits.

Matthieu Congy
E-commerce Domain Leader –